An exclusive business card just for you
First Impression Matters
Business Expansion
Create An Exclusive Card Instantly
With our Yellow Page, your card can be found by others when they are looking for similar services. It comes with a beautiful digital layout in worldwide. In addition, share your business card freely to any platforms, like Mail, SMS, IM’s and social media, to tell everyone who you are! Customize your own layout is coming up.
One Click Exchange
Go Digital For Ultimate Convenience
Search what you need and collect them with just a click! Exchange cards has never been easier by scanning QR code, no physical contact required! There are more you can do, quick searching cards without any hassles, call them or contact them straight from the card profile.
Instant Contact
To Be On Top, GO SPIDER.
Your customers can contact you directly by clicking your unique web url or QR code you shared, no app is required. People can also search you or any businesses related to you in Yellow Page, and straight into business all in one.
Multiple Identity
Switch Between Business Card On The Fly
You can have up to 5 free business cards, cards represent different identities. You can switch between cards in any occasions. All cards you registered are individually shown in Yellow Page, you will receive all the messages with only one app. SPIDERCARD does it all!
Contactless Sharing
Simply register a business card from SPIDERCARD and you can start exchanging your card without any body contact, or even share to any platform, people and social media you like!
Go Green
80% of paper business cards are thrown away or being forgotten after exchanging, 6 million trees are being cut down each year for business cards. We can stop this by using reusable digital business card. Let's protect our planet with just a little change, start with SPIDERCARD!